1994-1998 993 na to turbo conversions

Stage 1
Protomotive is proud to
introduce it’s bolt-on Stage1, applicable to the 94-98 993’s.  This
system requires no internal engine modifications, it actually doesn’t even
require engine removal!
The system utilizes stock compression ratio,
for unmatched drivability in a turbo charged car.  Coupled with a

low-boost (.45 bar)
, intercooled, twin-turbo
system that yields
410 brake horsepower
355 lb-ft of torque,
on a vario-ram engine.  The 94-95’s will net less due to the older style
manifold.  Check out
the difference of our averaged normally aspirated high performance runs
compared to the Stage 1, it’s simply awesome!
Retaining all of the emissions related components,
such as catalyst and lambda probes makes this an ideal street system.

993 Stage 1 bolt-on vs. Naturally Aspirated High Performance
The two screen shots on the right show the bolt-on Stage 1 and
complete Stage 2 installations.  The both use the same turbo system,
though the internals of the Stage 2 are modified for higher boost pressure.

Stage 2 993 na to turbo conversion
Stage 2
Coupled with the same turbo system components
as the Stage 1 bolt-on the Stage 2 OBDI&II turbosystems utilize factory
Turbo 8/1 pistons and larger injectors to enable higher boost, which could
only mean one thing…
MORE HORSEPOWER500 or so, depending upon boost pressure.
We saw up to 530hp at .9 bar boost, and just over .8 bar religiously gave
us 500hp.  Not bad for a turbo system utilizing all the stock emissions


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